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SchoolPeers is an innovative, secure online platform for schools to enable their students to help one another fast track  learning gaps at the point of need and in a time-effective way, whilst enhancing school peer2peer relationships

When students need peer help, they’ll upload the problem as text, a photo, or video.

A SchoolPeers notification will be sent to students who’ve self-selected as strong in that subject and have indicated they’re available to help. The helper can agree to assist, but if they choose not to, the requester is none the wiser.

Students interested in helping others select their strongest subjects and available times on the platform’s calendar.

The requesting student can chat within the app to arrange a Zoom, Teams, or another way to assist.

Your school administrator is always in the loop – they’re notified and can see all communication.

You can also check out this video demo of the SchoolPeers platform.

Once your school’s SchoolPeers platform is live, you’re free to customise the security and subject settings in the backend portal. That means you’ll decide which staff and students can log in, or whether male and female students can help each other, and what subjects and year levels can access the platform. For example, you can limit the app so only senior/advanced students can offer help.

Your school decides how to reward and recognise students who’ve proved exemplary in helping their peers. You’ll know this from the recommendations and comments from those who’ve helped.

Some schools add such positive feedback to their current microcredential system, community-work assignments, or towards individual students’ participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program.

SchoolPeers is a very affordable option for schools – For specific and up-to-date details, please see our pricing page

Your school owns the data it collects and stores on the SchoolPeers platform we’ve built for your school.SchoolPeers does not monetise, share, or commercially digitise in anyway any communication between your schools peers. You can find out more via our privacy policy

Once your school’s platform is live, and your school administrator has set up all subjects and security settings, it’s completely up to the school how they wish to inform their students on how to login. SchoolPeers does not have any role in how schools handle their students access.
Students strong in subjects can choose to be available to their peers during times that suit them. They will only be alerted during these times. Once notified they can then choose if they would like to offer a help or not – the student needing assistance is none the wiser.

School administrators can see:

  • The security settings they’ve selected

  • Which students (in which levels and for which subjects) have registered to help others

  • Which student has asked for help, when the problem was posted in which subject and year level and the actual problem post

  • Which students have offered to help those students

  • The parameters controlling which students can help which particular students

  • How many requests were lodged in a set time frame ( day, week, month, term, semester year)

  • How many requests were answered and by whom and how many current requests are outstanding

  • Recommendations, reports about student helpers (both negative and positive)

  • Actual communication between individual students on the platform

  • Aggregate reports of the number of students in a particular class who’ve posted queries, when and if they were addressed

  • Aggregate reports from each subject by year level to pinpoint the learning gaps/challenges students are experiencing

  • Which students have helped others the most and therefore could be given recognition or reward

Simply go to Register your school and fill out the form. If at any time you need assistance during the sign up process you can contact us and a local representative will be in touch to assist you. Please note upon sign up, until your nominated school administrator agrees to go live with your schools platform, it will not be available for anyone to use. This will enable your school to customise its security and subject settings.
In each country where SchoolPeers operates, we will have a local team of Onboarding/Outreach Consultants available to assist you.

They are trained to help answer any questions you may have and will onboard you successfully.

Schools can customise the dashboard and app to suit their needs. SchoolPeers will build your school a secure platform which includes your school’s branding and colours.
Once your school’s SchoolPeers platform is live, you’re free to customise the security and subject settings in the backend portal. That means you’ll decide which staff and students can log in, or whether male and female students can help each other and what subjects and year levels can access the platform.
Your school administrator can set which students can help which peer levels. Administrators can receive notifications about students’ issues in real time hourly, daily or weekly as they choose.
Administrators can also set up the platform to issue reports to teachers and/or senior leaders about the learning gaps students have had in a particular subject, year level, or school overall.

Yes, schools configure security settings to their needs via their secure backend portal

    • Determine which students can help other students and in which subjects
    • Securely monitor, manage and address their students’ learning gaps
    • Access useful data about specific students’, classes and collective for effective teaching methods
    • Monitor and gain insights into students’ communication about learning
    • Identify which students are offering to help others, gain students feedback about that assistance. This can highlight student helpers for leadership positions or earn them credits towards community recognition or awards such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards
    • Save teachers time out of class and in-class because students are actively identifying, assessing and dealing with bridging their learning gaps. Students may no longer need to email their teachers around the clock in distress
    • If there are no responses to a student seeking help, the school administrator can take action to notify the head/subject teacher to address when they next see the student at school. This gives students confidence that their learning needs will be addressed
    • Issue reports to teachers and/or senior leaders about the learning gaps students have had in a particular subject, year level, or school overall. Gaps can be addressed in the very next class to consolidate learning for all students
    • Creates a more level playing field because students will ‘bump themselves up’ in their learning via the platform.
    • Keep students on track with their learning compared to their fellow peers on their level
    • Creates a culture of connection, inclusion and community

SchoolPeers will help students:

  • Access help from their peers in real time and at the point of need

  • No need for costly tutors

  • Encourages students to be proactive and confident learners as they identify their own learning gaps and taking responsibility for reaching out to deal with their queries

  • Builds student literacy and multiliteracy skills in more clearly identifying, articulating, and representing their learning problems rather than just saying ‘I don’t get this’ or ‘I don’t know how to do this’.

  • Keeps students on track with their learning – whether they’re a helper or are helped as research shows.

  • Develops life lessons of future focused workforce skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication, and problem-solving

Yes, Once your school’s SchoolPeers platform is live, you then invite students to download your school’s branded app to connect to your platform. They log in with their secure school email address. 

Students simply log into SchoolPeers via your school’s platform with their secure school email address. They then use the portal to post their query as text, video, or images. Student helpers who have self-nominated as being strong in specific subjects and available at that time will receive an official notification about the request for help.

If the student helper is available to assist, they can agree to do so and contact the student in need to communicate directly via the app. That means the communication stays on the portal – no emails or texts. The pair then use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or another live video conferencing app that your school endorses to resolve their issue.

For employment opportunities, please contact us here.

While we hope this won’t happen, we understand if it does. We guarantee to delete all the personal data held on our platform, so your school’s data has a ‘right to be forgotten’.

Importantly, our business model ensures there are no lock-in contracts, so once your school decides to move on, you won’t be charged a cent after that month’s payment has been made. Please note, we ask for one month’s notice of your school’s intention to leave SchoolPeers.

We may ask you a few questions about why your school has decided to move from SchoolPeers. Your responses will help us make for a better customer experience for others. We value your insights.