Each of our team members has first-hand experience of the disruption the pandemic has caused to our children’s academic learning. We’re passionate about putting our heart and soul into a solution that benefits school communities and society overall.

Our vision is to improve communication processes, using technology to drive connection, inclusion and human engagement.

We need education leaders to join us

We pledge to ensure SchoolPeers is safe, secure and suitable for each of the 95,000 partner schools based in 20 countries across the globe that we’re targeting and that’s just the beginning.

We’re recruiting education leaders for board positions to represent their sector in each country where we’ll operate.

We have schools across 20 countries in 12 languages ready to invite, but we need the help of these leaders first.

To achieve this, we’re forming country-based advisory boards. They’ll have the highest-calibre education executives and experienced educators to represent their schools. Their mission is to oversee SchoolPeers which will recruit a network of onboarding/outreach staff within these countries. These paid staff will support the rollout of the SchoolPeers platform to ensure the best experience for our schools and most importantly their students.

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Why SchoolPeers?

COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on the global education system, halting the learning of billions of young people in the most important years of their lives.

Since early 2020, lockdowns have shut scores of students out of schools, forcing them into remote learning. They’re still trying to get up to date with year-level standards. Exhausted teachers are doing their best to bridge these gaps, but they can’t do it alone.

The Solution: A World-First Online Student Platform.

An intuitive, interactive online platform connecting students to ask, offer and receive help for any difficult questions about their learning when they are out of class. Your assigned school administrator can monitor all activity on this secure platform.

Now more than ever, students need help to lift morale while also improving their learning efficiency and knowledge retention.

Our SchoolPeers vision is to improve communication, using technology to drive connection, inclusion and human engagement.

How it works

Students interested in helping others can select their strongest subjects and available times on the platform’s calendar. When students need peer help, they will upload the problem as text, photo or video.

Within seconds, a SchoolPeers notification will be sent to students who have self-selected as strong in that subject and have indicated they are available to help. The helper can agree to assist, but they can confidentially decline if they choose not to.

The student needing help can then chat securely within the platform and select who is best suited to help them. They can then move their chat to the school’s choice of video-conferencing platform if required.

SchoolPeers centralises communication between students to reduce group email and chat group distractions. Your school administrator is always across all communications, making them safe, secure and transparent.

The value of SchoolPeers

For schools

  • Your own fully-developed school-branded app which can be integrated into your LMS or used standalone
  • Teaching students in real time – at their point of need
  • Builds a school community that problem solves together, shares learning and develops a culture of leadership, connection, inclusion and collaboration
  • Connects students to quickly rebuild community spirit damaged by the COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Hands your school a great tool for marketing to prospective students and their families
  • Increases academic excellence from the benefits of peer to peer learning, cultivating strong leadership skills for your school
  • Promotes safe and respectful communication within the school community

For teachers

  • Real time access to a single platform to monitor if students need help outside of traditional school hours
  • Gives valuable insights into the gains and gaps in student knowledge and effective teaching methods, providing the opportunity to consolidate learning
  • Offers a window into seeing which students are helping their peers
  • Saves out-of-class time spent helping students
  • Identifies individual or year level knowledge retention

For students who need help

  • Quick access to help from their peers whenever the need arises, without the cost of tutoring or waiting for a teacher to be accessible
  • Builds rapport and connection with other students in their own year level and senior peers
  • Safely can chat to fellow peers before they accept an offer to help
  • Get up to date with their learning and excel
  • Greater confidence that their learning needs will be addressed
  • Builds proactive and confident learners who grow comfortable to articulate their learning gaps leading to higher self regulation skills and learning engagement

For students willing to help others

  • Empowered to collaborate and consolidate their own learning
  • Builds strong communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills
  • Are easily identifiable via the app for future school leadership roles
  • Assists in gaining recognition for school awards , community-work assignments, Duke of Edinburgh Award or the like .
  • Educates students in the skills of leadership, responsibility & contribution